BTP’s road import pilot project PoC is completed for a shipment from Lyon France to Manisa Turkey.

ATEZ worked with Schneider Electric, DB Schenker, Vakifbank and Guler Dinamik Customs Consultancy, who also formed the consortium, for a shipment of 2 packs and 86 kgs of “Copper Joints”.

All events and digital documents of the shipment were created and recorded on Blockchain successfully. Amongst the documents (assets) processed were e-invoice, purchase order, pickup order, A.TR movement certificate, CMR, T1 Declaration, Bonded Warehouse Declaration, Import Declaration, bonded warehouse Inbound and Outbound minutes and Proof of Delivery. Vakifbank also made all required domestic payments once the goods are declared through automated smart contracts.

We sincerely thank all of the consortium members for their efforts and support during the PoC.