Attorney Samet ÖZTÜRK, LL.M., MCIARB

Following his graduation from the School of Law, Ankara University, in 1998, he completed his one-year on-the-job legal training and was admitted to the Ankara Bar in 1999 as an attorney. Having taken into consideration the importance of the European Union-Turkey Customs Union established in 1996, he decided to pursue his career in public sector and joined the Customs Investigation and Inspection Board in the Turkish Customs, where he served as a Customs Investigator and then a Chief Customs and Trade Investigator for many years.

During his government services, he carried out post audits of foreign trade transactions and contracts of large-scale companies to ensure compliance with Customs, foreign trade and other related laws and regulations. He conducted inquiries and investigations related to numerous cases of corruption, bribery, tax evasions, money laundering, forgery, embezzlement and smuggling. He participated in cross-border investigations for customs valuation, tariff and origin issues. He also took part in international anti-dumping investigations carried out by the European Anti-Fraud Office. He spent a sabbatical year in England to carry out a professional research on product safety and its regulations in the EU and its implementations specifically in the UK.  He graduated from French Customs Official Training Program at French National School of Customs where he studied as an Eiffel scholar.

He received his first LL.M. degree, focused on international commercial law from Vanderbilt Law School, USA. He received another LL.M. degree in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution from Queen Mary Law School, University of London, where he studied as an UK Government Chevening Scholar. He also completed the diploma program in International Commercial Arbitration at Washington College of Law, American University. He also has post-graduate diplomas and certificates in Capital Markets Law and European Union Studies from the Research Institute of Banking and Commercial Law, Ankara University. He is qualified as a trademark representative/attorney after the examination carried out by the Turkish Patent Institute. He is currently a PHD candidate in International Commerce and EU Law at Istanbul Commerce University.

Following his long government services, he decided to follow his career in private sector as a lawyer and a legal counsel. He is the legal counsel and partner of SEB International Customs & Trade Consultancy and Audit Inc. and also works as lawyer registered to Istanbul Bar Association.

He provides legal advice and represents his clients in all aspects of national and international trade including but not limited to customs law and WTO regulations. He also conducts sensitive investigations and audits mostly on behalf of multinational or foreign clients for international trade and customs related issues. He is a member of Istanbul Bar Association. He is an MCIARB (Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators) and an expert trademark law. Though he holds a certificate of qualified customs broker, he does not actively work in brokerage since he is a lawyer.  He is fluent in English and French and speaks Japanese as well.