Our General Manager Dr. Yetgin answered the questions asked in the panel titled “Global Technology” at the 2024 EMEA Trade and Customs Conference organized by KPMG in Istanbul. Cüneyt Yetgin stated, “We are pleased to see once again that our work, which has been continuing uninterruptedly for six years, is being adopted by global actors and that the processes are progressing in parallel.”

Yetgin mentioned that many layers need to be addressed together in order to achieve an end-to-end solution for the cross-border movement of goods, and that the combination of domain knowledge and technology creates the most important added value. Emphasizing that new generation technologies have a significant impact on business life as they come in the form of hypes, Yetgin stated that the high expectations created by these technologies can sometimes result in disappointment, but if these technologies are used as a whole in the right place and in the right way, a considerable level of process optimization and productivity increase can be achieved. Yetgin concluded his words by emphasizing that “Each technology needs its own customizations, and success can only be achieved with detailed early planning, high domain know-how and a holistic approach.”