Our Journey

Atez Software Technologies, established in 2017, embodies a rich convergence of field and academic proficiency, with a legacy exceeding 30 years in cross-border trade procedures, logistics, customs brokerage, and IT solutions for customs brokerage as well as finance and reporting. This enterprise flourishes under the guidance of seasoned managers and is bolstered by a dynamic fusion of consultants and innovative minds, ensuring a deep reservoir of industry-specific knowledge. Central to Atez’s ethos is the symbiotic relationship between domain experts and software developers, a collaboration that is pivotal in harnessing new technologies, particularly Blockchain, to devise solutions that are both revolutionary and aligned with customer demands. Our foundational principles are: a robust commitment to teamwork, innovation, and the strategic integration of domain expertise with cutting-edge technology to address the multifaceted challenges of international trade and logistics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an autonomous, digital, secure and integrated ecosystem for all stakeholders of cross-border trade. We aim to contribute to environment and sustainability by digitalizing processes, related to cross-border movement of goods, while increasing efficiency and transparency with our solutions

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a company that creates an autonomous, digital, secure and integrated ecosystem for all stakeholders of cross-border trade.

“Harmonizing Expertise and Innovation: The Joyful Drive of Our Team”

At Atez Software Technologies, our strength lies in the vibrant synergy of domain expertise and innovative thinking, underpinned by advanced knowledge in information technologies. We are a collective of not just specialists who excel in their respective fields, but also creative thinkers who approach problem-solving with a fresh perspective. This balanced mix of expertise and innovation fuels our drive to develop groundbreaking solutions. Our approach to work is characterized by great enthusiasm and a culture that celebrates fun in the creative process. This unique blend not only inspires our team but also ensures that our solutions are not just effective, but also forward-thinking and aligned with the evolving needs of the digital world. It’s this spirited collaboration and joy in innovation that set us apart and propel us toward achieving our mission and vision in the global trade and logistics landscape.

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