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Our company, which develops digital solutions for holistic customs process management with an innovative perspective in the cross-border trade ecosystem, has signed an important business partnership with KPMG, one of the world’s leading consulting companies.

Aiming to create an autonomous, digital, secure and holistic ecosystem for all stakeholders in cross-border trade, our company continues its efforts to maintain its digital transformation leadership in the sector by combining its strong industry knowledge and innovative solutions with KPMG’s deep-rooted corporate experience and global business network.

Within the scope of the cooperation, the two companies will be producing solutions together on issues such as control and audit of customs declarations, executive summary reporting, VAT declarations, data analytics algorithms related to their control and audit stages, smart recommendations especially regarding the cross-border movement of goods, creation of dynamic declaration data, and increasing digital capacity with integrated data movements that will enable end-to-end process automation.

ATEZ develops digital systems within the scope of cross-border movement of goods using today’s technologies such as Blockchain, AI/ML and Big Data, accelerates customs procedures by facilitating procedures and reducing paperwork thanks to its products, and minimizes delays and costs in processes.

Our General Manager Dr. Yetgin answered the questions asked in the panel titled “Global Technology” at the 2024 EMEA Trade and Customs Conference organized by KPMG in Istanbul. Cüneyt Yetgin stated, “We are pleased to see once again that our work, which has been continuing uninterruptedly for six years, is being adopted by global actors and that the processes are progressing in parallel.”

Yetgin mentioned that many layers need to be addressed together in order to achieve an end-to-end solution for the cross-border movement of goods, and that the combination of domain knowledge and technology creates the most important added value. Emphasizing that new generation technologies have a significant impact on business life as they come in the form of hypes, Yetgin stated that the high expectations created by these technologies can sometimes result in disappointment, but if these technologies are used as a whole in the right place and in the right way, a considerable level of process optimization and productivity increase can be achieved. Yetgin concluded his words by emphasizing that “Each technology needs its own customizations, and success can only be achieved with detailed early planning, high domain know-how and a holistic approach.”

We are excited to announce that we have been selected for the 2nd cohort of the European Blockchain Sandbox, as a consortium partner with Verag AG! 🎉

The European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox is an initiative of the European Commission, which aims to foster regulatory dialogues across Europe and increase legal certainty for innovative blockchain technology solutions. This initiative is an important step towards creating a pan-European framework to support the development and implementation of distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

Our participation in this program underscores our commitment to pioneering the advancement of blockchain technology and collaborating with regulators across the European Union and European Economic Area. We are excited to partake in this initiative and work with other participants of the Sandbox to contribute towards building a regulatory framework for the adoption of DLT technologies across the EU/EEA regions.

For more details on our selected use case, other selected projects, and the European Blockchain Sandbox, please CLICK HERE

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