Embedded Technology Stack

In Atez, we embed multiple recent technology into our products to overcome challenges and provide best possible solution


Tokenise electronic trade documents & events to eliminate use of paper and manual verification steps.

Artificial Intelligence

AI / ML / DL

Recognize and extract data from printed and scanned trade documents to feed into user screens in seconds.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Harnesses data to streamline operations and deliver actionable insights, reducing the workload and enhancing decision-making for every transaction.


Revolutionize your cross-border trade processes with ATEZ’s blockchain solutions – streamline your operations for peak efficiency.

No Paper

Eliminate paper-based systems with our digital ledger technology, facilitating seamless and sustainable trade practices.

Single Source of Truth

Ensure accuracy and integrity in every transaction with our blockchain’s single source of truth, enabling informed and confident decision-making.

Trust Machine

Cultivate unshakeable trust through transparent and secure transaction records powered by ATEZ’s robust blockchain technology.

Accuracy & Reliability

Our AI/ML technology ensure error-free data extraction, providing you with the utmost accuracy for your transactions.

Precise Data Harvesting

Leverage our AI/ML technology to accurately extract essential information, effortlessly populating your screens for immediate use and analysis.

Enhanced Operational Flow

Increase productivity with AI that streamlines data handling, offering you operational efficiency and a competitive edge in cross-border trade facilitation.


ATEZ’s advanced AI quickly identifies and classifies various trade document types, simplifying the transition from paper to digital.

Business Intelligence

Crafted by industry veterans, ATEZ’s Business Intelligence integrates expert-driven rules with intelligent automation, transforming data into dynamic, error-free insights for strategic mastery.

Insightful Decision-Making

Our Business Intelligence doesn’t just store data; it transforms it into an active asset that continuously enhances the decision-making process.

Smart Rules, Smart Entry

Our intelligent rules system anticipates and precludes repetitive data entry, revolutionizing the efficiency of your transactions. With ATEZ, input is not just automated—it’s accurate and tailored to your business logic.

Optimized Efficiency