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Declarant optimizes customs declaration management, offering a seamless submission process to official systems for import, export, and warehouse operations. Designed for compatibility with companies’ ERP systems, it automates data transfer, reducing manual entry and enhancing operational efficiency. Its user-friendly interface allows for rapid preparation of declarations, while automatically archiving related expenses and receipts, ensuring accuracy and productivity in customs processes.

Product Modules

Customs Declaration Module

This module enables users to effortlessly create and submit customs declarations to official ministry systems. It is equipped with over 500 validation rules aimed at eliminating manual entry errors and ensuring compliance. This powerful tool simplifies the declaration process, making it faster and more reliable, and allows businesses to stay compliant with international trade regulations.

Finance Module

The Finance module offers comprehensive management of the financial invoicing process between businesses and their clients. With seamless integration options, it facilitates the automatic sending of expenses and receipts archives for related declarations. This module simplifies financial transactions and record-keeping, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing the financial aspects of customs declarations

Reporting Module

This module provides advanced reporting capabilities, allowing users to prepare dashboards and report templates for submitted declarations. It includes a variety of pre-defined templates as well as the flexibility to create custom templates. This feature enhances visibility and allows for in-depth analysis of customs operations, aiding in strategic decision-making and operational improvements.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Compliance

With over 500 validation rules, the Customs Declaration Module significantly reduces manual entry errors, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with the latest international trade regulations.

Operational Efficiency

Declarant automates the transfer of data from companies’ ERP systems to customs declarations, minimizing manual data entry, speeding up the declaration process, and enhancing operational productivity

Improved Visibility and Control

Real-time tracking of declarations and financial transactions offers businesses greater visibility and control over their declaration operations, enhancing management capabilities and operational oversight.

Simplified Financial Management

Streamlines the invoicing process, facilitating seamless integration with clients for automatic transmission of expenses and receipts, thereby improving financial accuracy and reducing administrative overhead.

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