Your Comprehensive Trade Compliance Solution

In the intricate world of international trade, staying abreast of regulatory requirements is crucial yet challenging for importers and exporters alike. Logify emerges as a pivotal solution, designed to simplify compliance by consolidating legislative requirements related to traded goods in a cloud-based environment. This innovative application ensures that businesses remain up-to-date with regulatory changes, facilitating compliance at every step of the trade process.

Product Modules


Enables companies to upload and classify their products at the article level, facilitating accurate commodity code assignment while tracking classification progress in real-time. Logify automatically updates classifications in response to tariff changes, ensuring continuous compliance.

Customs Compliance

Designed for managing products’ duty and tax obligations. Module aids in identifying and applying correct duty and tax rates, with Logify streamlining the process by filtering relevant laws, thus accelerating and simplifying customs compliance.

Import Regulatory Compliance

Provides a platform for companies to classify necessary controls and permissions for importing goods into countries in scope, with Logify filtering applicable legislation to ease and expedite the compliance process.

Export Regulatory Compliance

Tailored for exports, offers similar functionalities as its import counterpart, allowing firms to define export permissions while Logify ensures a focused and efficient compliance workflow by presenting relevant legislation.

Export Controls

Facilitates the classification and license management process by filtering potentially applicable legislation specifically for products, those fall under dual-use, sanctions, and embargoes. Speeds up and simplifies export control compliance.


By converting the HS code of one country or customs area to the HS code of another country, Codemap facilitates the declaration procedures in the importing country. It can also be used as a decision support mechanism in different scenarios where bulk duty calculation and benchmarking is required.

Key Benefits

Always Up-to-Date

Benefit from real-time updates for your articles, guaranteeing constant alignment with the latest legislations.

Plan with Precision

Check duty rates and compliance requirements before purchase orders, making every shipment a confident move.

Reduce Risk, Increase Assurance

Minimize the possibility of penalties with proactive compliance checks and real-time updates.

Dynamic Environment

Embrace the agility of Logify’s dynamic environment, where your compliance data is managed, accessible, and under your command.

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