Your Digital Assistant for Cross Border Trade

Tariff is your go-to digital solution for seamless, transparent cross-border trade. Operating currently within the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Türkiye. The platform presents customs regulations, duties, and control measures. With just a few clicks, Tariff enables users to access critical information tailored to their trade routes, ensuring a smoother, more efficient, and compliant import or export process.

Product Modules

Basic ​Query​

Quickly identify the essential duty rates and regulatory measures for your selected export or import trade route by simply inputting the commodity code. The Basic Query provides a straightforward list of applicable tariffs.

Detailed Query

Detailed Query, offers a comprehensive insights including footnotes, conditions, legal bases, and the start and end dates of measures. Ideal for users requiring in-depth information on specific tariffs and regulations for informed decision-making.

Tax Calculation

Tariff offers a tax calculation module for your import inquiries, letting you estimate customs duties and other import taxes with a few clicks.

Find My Commodity Code

Simply define your good with keywords and search it. Tariff helps you identify the appropriate commodity codes for your goods based on keywords you enter. Benefit from always up-to-date nomenclature for European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Türkiye.

Key Benefits

Real-time Updates

Benefit from real-time updates for your articles, guaranteeing constant alignment with the latest legislations.

Multi Country Support

Access customs regulation data for European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Türkiye, with ongoing expansion efforts to include more countries. Establishing Tariff as a truly international resource for trade facilitation.

Eliminate Language Barriers

Tariff provides comprehensive customs regulations for European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Türkiye in both English and Turkish.

Up-to-date Tariff Nomenclature

Stay ahead with always up-to-date tariff nomenclatures. Every change tracked by Tariff to serve its users.

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