The Fast Track for Transit Declarations

Transcode revolutionizes the transit declaration process with its state-of-the-art, AI-driven platform, fully prepared for the next generation of transit systems with NCTS 5 compatibility. Designed to streamline and simplify the complexities of transit declarations, Transcode empowers users with an intuitive interface and a suite of smart features that significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage transit declarations.

Product Modules

Transit Declaration Module

This module simplifies the preparation of transit declarations, enabling users to create T1, T2, ENS, and TR declaration with ease. Leveraging smart data entry features, users can swiftly input necessary information, reducing time and minimizing the risk of errors. This module is essential for businesses looking for an efficient way to manage their transit declarations, ensuring smooth cross-border transportation of goods.

AI Module

The AI Module stands out by automating the data extraction process from export declarations and accurately filling in the transit declarations. Users can upload their export declaration documents, and the AI takes over the heavy lifting, parsing the document to extract relevant data and populate the transit declaration forms. This innovative feature significantly reduces manual data entry, accelerates the declaration process, and increases accuracy, allowing users to focus on more strategic aspects of their business.

Guarantee Management Module

Allows guarantee owners to efficiently control their financial securities by setting usage rules for their GRN (Guarantee Reference Number), including company, country, and HS code restrictions, with real-time tracking and status updates.

Key Benefits

AI-Driven Accuracy

Achieve unparalleled accuracy at remarkable speeds with Transcode’s AI module. It instantly populates detailed forms, reducing manual effort and eliminating errors, for a seamless declaration journey.

Smart Data Entry

Simply define customers, vehicles, and route information once and reuse it effortlessly in future declarations. This smart system eliminates repetitive entry, speeds up the process, and ensures accuracy, making every transaction smoother.

Operational Efficiency

Transcode boosts operational efficiency by streamlining customs declarations with smart data entry, AI automation, and real-time guarantee management, reducing manual work and ensuring accuracy, enabling faster processing and compliance focus.

Ultimate Control

Manage your guarantees with precision. Set company permissions, enforce limits, and restrict usage based on country and HS code. Ensure secure and compliant application of your financial safeguards with Transcode.

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