Data Analytics & Visualisation

How we streamline a Data Analytics and Visualisation Project?

We automate across all stages of analytical workflows and craft tailored reports and dashboards for your business.

Data Governance

We ensure clarity, integration and enriching data from varied sources into a unified framework of trust and efficiency.



We maximize the potential on leveraging data optimization to ignite innovation, sharpen decision-making, and refine operations for sustainable efficiency.


We streamline the insights and accelerate the impact with automation, by elevating data analytics automation to a cornerstone for strategic agility and operational excellence.

Outlier Detection

We decipher patterns in the data by utilizing mathematics and advanced analytics to identify unusual patterns, enabling foresight and proactive decision-making.

Data Analytics & Visualisation Products

Customs X-Ray

Customs smart sampling data analytics tool designed to identify and monitor the riskiest customs transactions of your company.


An automation tool for calculating Value Added Tax refund by using bigdata and data analytics.

VAT Refund X-Ray

Pre-simulation of the VAT refund controls of the tax authority enabling your company to control before official submission.

VAT Refund X-Ray
Customs Loupe

A crafted dashboard for cross-border transactions of your company to unlock the full potential of your cross-border transactions.

VAT Loupe

Specialized BI report to navigate
and optimize your company’s VAT positions effectively.


VAT Loupe