Your Bespoke Customs Panel

Key Benefits

We automate and visualize cross-border transactions of your company to track your customs operations and efficiency by using data visualization. Customs Loupe basically allows you to unlock the Full Potential of Your cross-border transactions.

Comprehensive Visibility in a Single Pane

Our dashboard consolidates all your cross-border transactions into one intuitive interface. This centralization of data eliminates the need to toggle between multiple systems or reports, providing a holistic view of your customs activities at a glance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Stay ahead with live updates on your customs transactions. Our dashboard offers real-time monitoring, ensuring you are immediately aware of any discrepancies, delays, or unexpected cost increases. Instant alerts enable swift action to mitigate issues before they escalate.

Anomaly Detection and Prevention

Leveraging advanced analytics, our dashboard intelligently identifies anomalies in your trade data. Whether it’s an irregularity in shipment volumes, discrepancies in declared values, or unexpected tariff changes, you’ll have the insights needed to investigate and resolve issues promptly, reducing the risk of compliance penalties

Cost Management and Optimization

Navigate the complexities of customs duties and taxes with ease. Our dashboard provides detailed breakdowns of costs associated with your customs transactions, highlighting opportunities for savings such as duty drawbacks and preferential tariff treatments under trade agreements.

Enhanced Compliance and Reduced Risk

With comprehensive tracking of every transaction against relevant customs regulations and trade agreements, our dashboard is your frontline defense against noncompliance. Automated checks and documentation management support adherence to regulatory requirements, minimizing the risk of fines and facilitating smoother customs clearances.

Performance Analysis and Strategic Insights

Dive deep into your customs transaction data to uncover trends, performance metrics, and operational insights. Our dashboard enables strategic analysis, from evaluating carrier and vendor performance to assessing the efficiency of trade routes and the impact of trade policies on your operations.

How it works?

Customs Loupe basically allows you to unlock the Full Potential of Your cross-border transactions.

Here’s our roadmap!

Data Gathering

We obtain .xml packages of your customs declarations.


We create our dataset from xml files.


We shape and model your data.


We craft your dashboard and customize for you.

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