VAT Loupe

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VAT Loupe

Key Benefits

Our suite of specialized BI products and reports empowers organizations to navigate and optimize their VAT positions effectively.

Strategic VAT Oversight Dashboards

Tailored for top executives, these dashboards provide a macro view of the company’s VAT status and refund performance, enabling strategic decisions and performance monitoring across the entire organization. Designed for middle management, these dashboards offer detailed insights into VAT operations, facilitating tactical decision-making to enhance VAT handling and compliance.

VAT Trend Analysis

Monitor and analyze the trends of input VAT and VAT refunds, providing the capability to foresee and react to fluctuations. This proactive approach assists in uncovering underlying causes of changes and implementing timely interventions.

Transactional Volume Impact Analysis

Analyze the impact of transaction volume changes on VAT liabilities and credits. This feature helps in understanding how variations in sales and purchases affect the overall VAT position, facilitating informed financial planning.

Compliance and Advisory Module

Equipped with regulatory updates and advisory tips, this module ensures that your VAT management practices remain compliant with the latest tax laws and regulations, minimizing risk and enhancing compliance strategies.

Customizable Reporting Features

Tailor reports and dashboards to meet unique business needs, allowing for personalized analysis and presentation of VAT-related data, ensuring that stakeholders receive the most relevant insights.

How it works?

Customs Loupe basically allows you to unlock the Full Potential of Your cross-border transactions.

Here’s our roadmap!

Data Gathering

We obtain your VAT No.1 and No.2 returns.


We create our dataset from the returns.


We shape and model your data.


We craft your dashboard and customize for you.

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