VAT Refund X-Ray

Simulation of VAT Refund Controls

Key Benefits

VAT Refund X-ray simulates the VAT refund controls of VAT Refund Risk Analysis Report (KDVİRA) and list upload controls and allows you to pre-check your VAT refund lists whether they are aligned with the Turkish Revenue Administration’s controls or not and creates a report for the invoices detected.

Pre-Upload Validation Feature

This core functionality checks your VAT refund lists, including purchase invoice lists, sales invoice lists, and VAT refund lists, against the tax authority’s basic control criteria before you attempt to upload them. It ensures that all entries, calculations, and formats meet the specified requirements, minimizing the risk of rejection.

Comprehensive Error Reporting

When the tool detects any discrepancies or errors that would prevent the successful upload of your VAT refund lists, it generates detailed error reports. These reports pinpoint the exact nature and location of the mistake, allowing for quick and precise corrections.

Dynamic Compliance Checker

This feature dynamically checks VAT refund lists against evolving tax legislation and audit rules, ensuring that submissions are not only compliant now of upload but are also prepared in anticipation of future regulatory shifts. The compliance checker updates automatically to reflect the latest legal changes, offering users a forward-looking tool that adapts to the legislative landscape.

Efficiency in VAT Refund Processes

Accelerates the VAT refund process by fixing errors, enhancing refund utilization

Reduced Risk of Rejection

Ensures compliance with tax authority, minimizing submission rejections and saving time.

Ease of Compliance

Automatically updates for the latest tax regulations, simplifying compliance and submission accuracy.

Cost Savings

Prevents costs related to delayed or rejected refunds and burdens, offering financial and time efficiencies.

How it works?

Customs X-ray is a smart sampling data analytics tool designed to identify the riskiest customs transactions of a company with the capability to proactively identify and manage risks within their customs declarations.

Here’s our roadmap!

Data Gathering

We obtain the required data from your ERP and other sources (einvoice, e-ledger, customs broker etc.)


We apply our rule set over the obtained data set and send back the inconvenient parts for correction.


VAT Refund Engine calculates burden VAT amount in line with the determined methods and rule sets.


Our engine prepares all monthly VAT refund lists compatible with the Authority’s list format.

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